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Teaching Philosophy

My goal as a piano teacher is for students to reach their highest potential as musicians while finding joy in their journey.  My teaching includes a well-rounded curriculum that consists of a solid foundation of proper technique, diverse piano repertoire, age-appropriate music theory, aural skill development, and contextual music history.  Whether a young beginner or a mature adult, each student is given an individualized approach to their specific learning styles, goals, and interests.

In my studio, students are valued, respected, and have a safe environment to learn. I strive to encourage students while moving them towards attainable, high standards of excellence.  I provide weekly private lessons starting at 45 minutes.  Students receive clear communication from me regarding what to practice and how to practice each week.  Parents receive weekly written and monthly verbal progress reports as they are a crucial part of the musical support system each student needs. Parents are encouraged to sit with and guide younger students in daily practice while older more advanced students practice independently.  Method books and curriculum is based on individual student goals. A wide variety of repertoire from all 4 periods of music is used for more advanced students.

Music is a gift that is meant to be shared with others.  Students have opportunities to participate in studio recitals twice a year and may also participate in both competitive and non-competitive events.  Recitals and festivals are never required, but highly encouraged.  I’ve watched, with joy, students who have severe social and performance anxiety come out of their shells and overcome their fears, performing in festivals, recitals, and competitions.

It is my hope that my students will remember me as a teacher who challenged, encouraged, and believed in them.    

Hear me play Beethoven!

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